Four Occasions for a Custom Book Gift

If you want to give a gift for a special occasion that’s heartfelt and valuable to the recipient, consider a custom-made book. These books give people a tangible means of cherishing memories from important times or events in their lives. While you can design a custom book for any holiday or celebration, it can be particularly meaningful for some occasions.    

Book1One is a leading book printing business that provides several manufacturing services to writers, companies, and independent book publishers worldwide. Here, we detail some times when you may wish to give the one-of-a-kind gift of a custom book.


High School Graduation

Graduating from high school is one of the most exciting and integral moments of a young person’s life. It represents their transition from childhood and adolescence into adulthood, where they can exhibit more freedom to establish their professional and personal goals.

While this time can be filled with anticipation for the graduate, it likely feels bittersweet for parents, grandparents, other relatives, and longtime family friends. They may want to reminisce about the student’s past achievements and experiences. For this reason, a custom book makes the ideal gift for a graduation.

You may design your book to be a story of the student’s life thus far, detailing the first 18 years with photos and artifacts. It can highlight their accomplishments and interests, and showcase how the student’s goals have changed (or remained the same) from elementary to high school. Since many people have graduation parties, you may consider giving the book to the student earlier so guests can flip through it.

Book1One offers several unique services to make a custom book for a high school graduate extra special. For instance, you can choose foil stamping information onto a faux leather cover to mimic the style often used for diplomas.  


Milestone Birthday

Every birthday is special, but certain ages hold some more significance culturally. These are called milestone birthdays. Earlier milestone birthdays typically coincide with growing privileges. For instance, the 16th and 18th birthdays are noteworthy because these are the ages when people can get their learner’s permit and make decisions as adults.

Once you get past the 21st birthday, milestone birthdays occur once every decade. People may have larger celebrations for loved ones turning 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and so on. At these ages, it can be rewarding to look back on the growth and achievements your loved one has experienced, as well as the many warm memories they’ve helped create. With a custom book, you can do just that.

While you can give a custom book to anyone at any milestone birthday, they are particularly special when given to a close loved one, such as a spouse, parent, grandparent, or best friend. If your parent is turning 50 or 60, one touching idea is to give them a custom book highlighting all the fun activities they’ve done with their children. Similarly, for a 30th or 40th birthday, consider giving your spouse a custom book detailing your relationship to this point — your first date, buying a house, having your first child, and more.

If you want to design a custom book for a milestone birthday, you’re sure to include many photos. Book1One makes it easier to incorporate images according to your needs and wishes with our online photo book software. You can download this software quickly to begin constructing your photo book.


Milestone Anniversary

As with birthdays, there are also several milestone wedding anniversaries. Milestone anniversaries occur each year for the first 10 years, then every five years. Since anniversaries are about the enduring love between two people, they are the perfect time to commemorate the relationship with a custom legacy book. You can give your spouse a custom book as a romantic gesture or create one for your parents to show how much their love for one another means to you.

Another aspect to consider with milestone anniversaries is that several gifts and gemstones correspond with each year. For instance, the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper — the perfect reason to give a custom book. With gemstones, you may wish to incorporate the mineral into the page and cover design. The gemstone that correlates with a 25th wedding anniversary is silver. Therefore, you may use a glossy silver color for the cover and silver adornments for the page edges.


Retirement Party

When people retire, they want to know their career was meaningful and that they’ve impacted the workplace. A concrete way to convey how pivotal the employee was to your company is to create a custom book depicting work-related achievements. It may also feature photos of them having fun with co-workers and attending conferences to deliver presentations.

A unique idea for a custom book as a retirement gift is to leave several pages blank at the end for coworkers to write positive parting remarks. From an emotional standpoint, these notes can confirm that all the hard work the retiree put into their job was worth it.

You may wish to experiment with binding styles for the custom book, as well. At Book1One, we offer plastic coil binding in addition to hardcover and softcover binding. The plastic coil option can be a creative way to tie the book back to the retirement theme, as it mimics the binding often used for work notebooks and planners.



No matter the occasion, a custom book makes a sincere and truly distinct gift. If you want to design a custom book for a birthday, anniversary, or similar celebration, connect with the highly skilled team at Book1One.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped people realize short and medium-run book printings through our multiple capabilities and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With our print-on-demand (POD) technology, you can create the number of books you need without going outside your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to view past book printing examples.