What Resources Can Help Me with Publishing My First Book?

Everyone starts somewhere. For first-time authors, publishing that initial book can be a personally and professionally rewarding milestone. It gives you a chance to share your work and figure out if this is an endeavor you truly enjoy enough to continue in the future. 

If you're ready to take that first step, start by laying the foundation for the journey ahead. 

You may be a new writer, but you don't have to dive into this project alone. Several resources are available – you just have to know where to look. Here are some of our best tips for new writers: take a writing class, use an online design program to organize your manuscript, hire an editor, and enlist the services of a self-publishing company like Book1One. 

In this post, we'll discuss how each of these tips can help any new writer on their way to becoming a proud published author. 


Finding Your Voice: Take a Writing Class or Workshop

As a first-time writer, there's nothing worse than staring at a blank page and wondering how to get started. And that's OK – writer's block plagues the best of us. If you're looking for inspiration or just some general guidance on how to tell your story, sign up for a writing class in your area. These are often available in the following locations: 

  • Colleges and universities 
  • Community centers 
  • Libraries 
  • Online 

While many writing classes offer generalized guidance, some workshops are tailored to particular areas of interest. So if you're writing poetry, short stories, or a thriller, a class designed with a specific audience in mind may be just the thing you need to get the ball rolling. There may also be private, virtual writing groups available on social media that you can connect with.  

And remember, getting out there can also help expand your professional network. 

Writing classes, groups, and workshops aren't just great for honing your craft, they're also the perfect opportunity to make valuable connections in the industry. You may find other first-time writers like yourself who you can share ideas with or meet seasoned authors who can speak to your current struggles from a place of experience. 


Use an Online Page Design Platform

Whether your goal is to publish a children's book filled with captivating illustrations or a novel that sparks the reader's imagination, an online page design platform like Canva can be a true asset. This is an app- and web-based tool with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for seasoned and novice creators to get the design process started.  

From text to images, this platform helps many first-time writers visualize what their book could look like along the way. If you're wondering exactly how to self-publish your book with Canva, take a minute to explore the platform and see if it's right for you. This intuitive design tool can help you create a book entirely from scratch thanks to the: 

  • Stock photos, graphics, shapes, charts, and frames 
  • Design templates 
  • Text options 

Once your manuscript and cover are complete, you can turn them into printable files for your publisher directly through this platform. And if your project spans more than one file, simply use a file merger to combine them. 


Hire an Editor

Since this is your first book, leaving a good impression on your audience is important. When your work truly resonates with your readers, it can provide the confidence you need to keep going and might even open the door to new possibilities. Additionally, if your goal is to get your book on the shelves of libraries and bookstores, having a polished product is more appealing than one that's riddled with typos. 

If you could use a helping hand in the proofing phase, partner with an experienced editor. They will not only smooth out any errors you’ve overlooked but also can help ensure your storyline moves seamlessly from page to page. 

Where can you find an editor for your book?  

If you haven't connected with someone in your writing class that is willing to do the job, look to the Internet. From Upwork to Fiverr, there are many ways to find freelancers. Who knows? You may already know someone on social media who either edits professionally or has an affinity for polished grammar. And if you've already found a self-publishing company to print your book, they may have some useful links to share, as well. 


Printing with Book1One

When you're ready to print, a self-publishing company like Book1One can be a valuable resource. Many first-time authors find that the traditional route through a large publishing house is often a longer, more challenging road, so they turn to online self-publishing companies for printing services. This not only allows you to print your book with a click of a mouse, but it also gives you full control over your book's design and marketing efforts.  

Book1One offers a user-friendly online platform where you can upload your files and order copies of your book. Here are some tips for getting started:  

  • Explore binding styles: Throughout the writing process, you've likely envisioned what your book will look like in print. And even if you haven't, this is a good time to brainstorm some ideas. Browsing binding styles from different publishers can help you figure out which company can achieve your desired look for this first book. 
  • Review our process: What kind of file do you need to upload? Is there a minimum order requirement? Once you've decided to work with Book1One (or any other publisher for that matter), one of the first things a new writer should do is to learn how the printing process works. 
  • Get a quote: An online calculator instantly helps you figure out exactly how much your order will cost. Based on your inputs, ours factors in things like binding method, cover options, size, paper stock, and number of copies. This step is especially helpful for new authors on a tight budget.  

For specific questions outside the scope of your publisher's website, simply reach out to the company's customer service specialist. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 



With the right resources at your fingertips, you could be well on your way to finishing your first book. Consider taking a class, using Canva to design your layout, partnering with an editor, and printing through a self-publishing company. 

If you're wondering if Book1One may be the ideal publisher for you, you can learn more about us and review our testimonials online.