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Which Yearbook Layout Tools Are Right for You? (Quiz)

Diving into your new role as a yearbook advisor is sure to be exciting, but it’s not always simple to learn the ropes. Fortunately, choosing the right software can help make the job easier on both you and your students, so you can create a memorable, high-quality keepsake. Wondering how to pick the perfect yearbook layout software? Take this simple quiz to find out.

1. What’s your level of computer proficiency?

    1. Basic – I know my way around the web
    2. Intermediate – I’m familiar with a lot of software, but I’m not an expert
    3. Advanced – I’m a PC whiz

2. How much are you willing to learn?

    1. I want something I can use with minimal effort
    2. I’m willing to learn, but I’d like an intuitive program
    3. I’m eager to build my knowledge from the ground up

3. Are you willing to spend money on software?    

    1. No – we just don’t have the budget
    2. Yes  – we have ample resources
    3. Yes – but we're hoping to get the most out of our investment

4. Are you willing to download software to design your yearbook?

  1. No – I’d prefer an online option
  2. Yes – but it depends on the size of the software
  3. Yes – we planned on downloading a layout program

5. Are you looking for personalized assistance with the design process?

  1. Yes – I’d love a helping hand
  2. Maybe – I might need some advice along the way
  3. No – I’m a yearbook pro

If you got mostly As, then Book1One’s free photo book design software is the perfect fit. It’s free, and it’s available both online and offline to provide the versatility you need to get the job done any time – whether you're at the school computer lab or working on the weekend. Plus, thanks to an easy-to-use design, there’s no need to be a tech guru to get the job done. The best part? You can reach out to the longtime yearbook professionals at Book1One for personalized, hands-on assistance with your project.

Got mostly Bs? You’re best suited for a paid, yearbook-specific software. They’re designed precisely for use with yearbooks, which means they offer lots of helpful features – though they come at a high cost. Most of these software types also have a more complex learning process than Book1One’s free photo book software.

If you received mostly Cs, you can probably finish the task with desktop publishing software, such as Adobe InDesign. These types of software cost money, but they’re often available as part of a larger suite of software that could prove equally useful for other projects. The key challenge? Learning even the basics can take quite a while, and time’s not always on the yearbook advisor’s side.

Choose Book1One

Book1One prints custom books with versatile options and no minimum order requirements. And because we’ve refined our expertise for over a decade, we’re fully prepared to provide the attentive service and assistance you need for a successful project. Try our photo book software for yourself, or apply for an instant quote today.