5 Reasons Why More Authors Are Choosing Self-Publishing than Ever Before

After crafting a novel or nonfiction work, your manuscript is finally complete. Hopefully after submitting it to multiple publishers, one will show interest and you'll be able to see your book in print.

But what if you could skip this step and bring your work to the public without a publisher? Now more than ever, authors are choosing to self-publish with custom printing companies instead of utilizing traditional publishing avenues. If you're curious about why, Book1One shares the top five reasons writers are turning to self-publishing.

1. Creative control

One of the most important reasons why authors choose to self-publish is to retain control over the creative process, from the content to the appearance of the book. Publishing companies require the author to meet specific standards before acceptance, and even afterwards the company may change the title, cover art and content of the story. With self-publishing, you have complete control over your work from start to finish.

2. Niche topics

Traditional publishers may be hesitant to take on books that don't have a large, ready-made audience due to profit considerations. Self-publishing eliminates this issue, giving you the freedom to write about the topics that interest you most, whether it's the history of your hometown or a cross-genre literary work.

3. Immediate publication

The traditional road to publication is long, and authors wait months or even years to see their book in print. Self-publishing with help from a custom printing company, however, can shorten this timeline dramatically. Authors who use Book1One, for example, can expect order fulfillment in as little as five days. You'll get your books faster, which means they can be on shelves and in the hands of readers in a fraction of the time a traditional publisher would take.

4. Greater financial rewards

Because only you are in charge of the publishing process, every dollar you earn from selling your books comes right back into your pocket. This profit can then be used for marketing and advertising your current book, or toward publishing more books in the future. 

5. Access for everyone

Experienced authors and novice storytellers alike can self-publish. Whether you're hoping to sell thousands of copies or simply print books for friends and family or a small community of interest, self-publishing opens doors to publication that were previously closed to many writers.

Self-Publish with Book1One

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