5 Genealogy Tools Every Family Historian Should Have

As the resident historian in your family, you’re tasked with preserving and telling the story of your shared identity. Not only do you have to research and interpret sometimes centuries-old documents, but you also have to store and organize everything in a way that’s accessible to others – with the hope that one day your project will live on for generations to come. After helping genealogists and personal historians record their family histories for over a decade in high-quality books, Book1One is here to share the five most helpful things to keep in your toolkit.

  1. Google
    Simple is the best place to start, and genealogy is no exception – a basic search can lead you to local museum and historical society collections and the research compiled by family members you never knew existed. And let’s not forget Google Earth, which allows you to get an up-close look at places in your family’s past.
  2. Genealogy Websites
    To dig a little deeper into your family’s history, there are many online resources, such as Family SearchFind a Grave, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration and more. These can be instrumental in piecing together your family’s story with all or many features available at no cost.
  3. DNA Testing
    For anyone interested in learning more about their personal history, DNA testing is a must. DNA kits can uncover relatives you may have never even known about and tell you important information about yourself and where your family came from.
  4. Scanner
    During your research, you’ll likely come across fascinating letters, documents and photos. Snapping a picture on the go is a great way to quickly note what you'd like to review, but the image quality may not be the best. Investing in a good scanner is a great way to create high-quality digital copies that are easy to reference and eliminate the need to touch delicate originals that may deteriorate with frequent handling.
  5. Book Printing Services
    After working so hard to collect images and information, bring everything together and preserve it forever in book form. Book printing companies, like Book1One, make it easy to do just that. We have a user-friendly ordering process, excellent customer support and fast turnaround times. In as little as a week, you can have a custom bound copy of your family’s story in your hands. Plus, you can print enough copies of the book for everyone in the family to have their own.

How Will You Tell Your Family’s Story?

Some people like to print a detailed record of their family tree, while others want to publish the life story of a single family member. However you decide to tell your family’s history, Book1One can help. Our custom printing services make it easy to create quality books that will be treasured by family members far into the future. Learn more about how our process works to get started.