Self-Publishing Checklist

The following 21 point self-publishing checklist will help you organize your self-publishing project.


  1. Proofread entire manuscript and all other created content.
  2. Develop interior graphic design and page layout.
  3. Identify short list of potential reviewers and testimonial providers.
  4. Create 1-3 chapter digital. Send to reviewers and testimonial providers.
  5. Obtain book reviews and testimonials to be used for promotion and back cover copy.
  6. Create "front matter" pages (i.e. title page, copyright page, table of contents, testimonial page, dedication page, acknowledgement page, etc.).
  7. Design front and back cover, and create back cover copy.
  8. Obtain and assign ISBN.
  9. Create a trade-ready EAN Bookland Barcode for back cover.
  10. Register book with Books-in-Print.
  11. Obtain copyright registration.
  12. Select a book manufacturer to complete all book printing and binding requirements. Book1One is the perfect choice to print your self-published books. Use our Instant Online Price Calculator to generate an accurate quote for your order.
  13. Create and proof digital galley.
  14. Create and proof print galley (optional).
  15. Determine quantity for initial run (include initial sales projection and promotional copies).
  16. Select book launch date.
  17. Identify who will be Master Distributor and what those duties will include.
  18. Identify relevant book award contests that could be applied for.
  19. Identify/schedule book signings, public speaking engagements and other promotional activities.
  20. Determine what advertising and PR support will be needed and who will provide those services.
  21. Determine who will manage book inventory, order processing, and order fulfillment and what those services will consist of.



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