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Book1One Joins Partnership to Launch "TweetBookz."


(December 17, 2009 - Rochester, NY) Book1One, a Rochester-based on demand book printing and binding company, has teamed up with Definitely Something, an Israel and New York based web strategy company, to produce a new service that Twitter lovers are sure to like.

Twitter, the free social networking service that enables anyone to send and read short messages, is one of the fastest growing communication networks on the Internet. These micro messages, called Tweets, are actually short text-based posts consisting of up to 140 characters. First introduced in 2006, it is estimated that today there are between 2.4 and 3 million active twitter accounts in existence.

On November 23rd, the two companies launched a service that allows people to collect their best tweets from their personal Twitter accounts and have them printed and bound in personalized high quality custom books, called TweetBookz.

"This is starting out to be a very exciting project," says Fred Daubert, President of Book1One. "The way we are able to produce one custom book at a time, either soft or hard cover, was very appealing to the management of Definitely Something, and it fit perfectly with the service they wanted to offer."

TweetBookz sell for $20.00 for a soft cover version and $30.00 for hard cover. Buyers can choose from four, full color cover designs. Pages are in black and white. Each custom book is 5 ½ inches high and 8 ½ inches wide, contain one tweet per page, and is offered in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew.

Orders are place through Definitely Something's website. Upon authorization from the purchaser, a special software program transforms up to 200 tweets from the purchaser's Twitter account into a digital book file. The file is then forwarded to Book1One for printing, cover development and binding. The TweetBook is then shipped to the buyer within three days.

How big will TweetBookz become?

"There is no way to tell," replies Daubert. "We began receiving orders immediately after the announcement and they have been growing steadily since then. We hope that those who buy a TweetBook will tweet about it to their friends."