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Book1One Launches New Book Binding Service - Saddle Stitch Binding!


"Saddle stitch binding provides our customers with another great binding choice," says Marc Bardeen, manager of Book1One's production and customer service departments. "It's an ideal option and a popular choice for anyone wishing to produce items such as saddle stitched booklets, notebooks, workbooks, catalogs, promotional books, event programs, coloring books and other smaller publications where an inexpensive, yet professional look is desired."

Despite what the name implies, there are no "stitches" in saddle stitch binding. Rather, saddle stitched books are designed in increments of four pages, created from single sheets of paper that are printed on both sides and then folded in half. The pages are then aligned, placed in page number order, folded and then stapled on the fold.

Book1One has also made it very easy for anyone to determine what their saddle stitch project would cost. The company's website has a Instant Price Calculator on its home page as well as other pages throughout the site. By clicking on this button and inserting the specifications of his or her project, a customer can automatically determine what the exact price of the project will be.

Additional information about Book1One's saddle stitch capabilities can be found on the company's saddle stitch binding web page.