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Portfolio Photo Books Create a Business Marketing Advantage

(August 11, 2011) In today's highly competitive business world, companies are finding they need to take advantage of every marketing tool available to them to be successful. Never has this become more apparent than those companies that compete in the high end service industries.

One marketing tool many firms have turned to is the use of business portfolio photo books.

Companies such as architect and engineering firms who deal with major projects, high end real estate firms and luxury residential and commercial builders are all discovering how portfolio photo books can play an integral part in their overall marketing strategy – specifically, how they can be a key ingredient in the promotion of their services and expertise.

What are business portfolio photo books?

More than just a catalog, business portfolio photo books are high quality hard and soft cover books containing anywhere from 20 to 30 pages of brilliantly reproduced photos that showcase the premiere projects a company has completed or is working on – or in the case of real estate firms, properties they have for sale or have recently sold. For firms seeking to present themselves in a non-sales, highly professional manner, portfolio photo books are a very impressive and extremely effective answer.

High end service providers most often deal with high level corporate and organizational decision makers, where projects and potential sales being evaluated can often range in the millions of dollars. Projects and sales of these sizes often require strategies that differ from smaller transactions. One major difference is the decision making process itself.

People make high dollar decisions based primarily on three factors: professionalism, expertise and reputation – and most likely, those decisions are finalized when the bidding companies are not in the room. The ability for a firm to project a "best image," even when not present, offers a huge competitive advantage. Portfolio photo books create that ability.

Over the last ten years, companies have been relying on their websites and social media to carry their message to their audiences – and in most instances, those resources have been and can be sufficient. However, high end companies are learning that even though the internet offers effective selling tools, in situations when it is necessary to leave something tangible with their prospects ala a calling card, there is nothing better than a professionally produced portfolio book that shows a company's professionalism and expertise.

A number of factors explain why portfolio photo books have gained popularity.

First of all, today's printing technology enables high quality printers to produce portfolio photo books at a fraction of what it used to cost. This, in turn, allows companies to economically order small quantities – as few as 25 to 50 copies in a run. Books can be customized for use in formal presentations, grand openings and other special events.

Second, creating these promotional books has become much easier for the companies who use them, since most already have digital photo libraries of their projects and work. The digital photos can easily be reproduced in printed books.

Third, keeping books current and up-to-date is as easy as creating a new digital book file. New projects can be added and old projects deleted quickly.

And finally, short run book manufacturers can produce portfolio photo books extremely quickly, eliminating unnecessary inventory and expense.

Businesses are now recognizing something authors have known for a long time – "a book makes a terrific business card."