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Customized Photo Calendars - Four Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Them for Your Next Fundraiser


Booster clubs are constantly searching for new ways to generate funds that can help pay for projects, equipment, and events they sponsor. Recently, a number of clubs have discovered the benefits and success in creating and marketing customized photo calendars - calendars that include photos of the sports, music, and cheerleading teams the club supports.

This trend is not surprising. All of us buy and use wall calendars. We have them in our homes. We have them in our offices. And we all enjoy the wonderful photos that accompany each month as we go through the year. What could be more enjoyable that having a calendar that contains pictures of the teams we support, and most likely involves members of our family or close friends?


Customized photo calendars are becoming a successful way for clubs to showcase and highlight teams, and provide wonderful opportunities for parents, team members, coaches, past team members, communities and attendees at events, to financially support the programs.

Specifically, booster clubs point to four primary reasons why customized photo calendars work well for them.

  • First of all, customized photo calendars have a high receptivity rating from those who receive and purchase them. The calendars become as much a commemorative item as they do a calendar.
  • Second, customized photo calendars have proven to be a financial success. In most instances, the clubs can sell the calendars for twice what it costs them to produce. This means they receive $2.00 for every $1.00 spent. It's not uncommon for a production of 100 calendars to generate over $700 profit to the organization.
  • Third, calendars are very easy to manage. They are lightweight, easily transportable, and take up little space. This makes calendars easy to take, display, and sell at team and club events. Also, one size fits all. And finally, a customized photo calendar carries the club's message throughout the whole year. Each month is a reminder of how important it is for the community to support the club's programs.


Often, the biggest obstacle in taking on a new fundraising project is time. But one of the features of calendars is that with today's digital technology, creating a four-color customized photo calendar is relative easy to do - and can start with just a digital camera. A word of caution however: to gain a truly high quality finished product and one that you can be proud of; using a reputable printer is highly recommended.


Today's free, downloadable software enables anyone to select from a number of photo layout themes, and many programs even allow you to insert information into specific dates on the calendar. This tool allows clubs to insert items such as team schedules into the calendar, as well as dates and information of other events and activities the club may be involved in.

So the next time your club is considering a fundraising event, it might be wise to investigate creating your own customized photo calendar. You may find that it could turn out to an annual event.


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