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Book1One Launches - a Business Blog Written for Those Interested in Self-Publishing


(April 7, 2010 - Rochester, NY) In collaboration with two of the most talented
and internationally well respected professionals in the book publishing industry,
Book1One announced today the launch of - a blog designed
to provide guidance to writers and aspiring authors seeking information about
book self-publishing.

Each week two or three new articles, or posts, will be published, drawing much
of the subject matter from the knowledge and writings of Mr. Dan Poynter,
founder and President of, and Mr. Danny O. Snow, founder
of Unlimited Publishing, LLC. Messer's Poynter and Snow are celebrated writers,
public speakers and educators in the book publishing arena.

To provide an idea as to the types of articles the new blog will feature, here are
the titles and links to some of the initial posts:

Why Self-Publish? Here Are Some of the Reasons

Six Guidelines You "Must" Consider Before You Begin Your Book Project

What's the Future for the Book Industry?

What Does Your Book Look Like? - 4 Great Rules to Follow

Future posts will discuss many aspects of writing and publishing, including the
mechanics of how to put a book together as well as ideas about book promotion
and distribution. The company is encouraging comments and feedback from its

Visitors to the Book1One website can connect to the blog via a blog link located
in the website header.

Whether the reader is an aspiring author, a professional in the book publishing
arena, or just someone who is interested in self-publishing and the print-on-
demand process, each should find to be entertaining,
informative and educational.

Visitors to the blog will also find an email subscription form where they can
automatically receive blog updates by entering their email addresses in the
form and clicking on "subscribe".